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To make it easy for your blog readers to subscribe to your RSS feed you can add ‘chicklets’ to your site. Chicklets are the icons that you see on a blog that when clicked will take a reader to your feed.

While some just open up your own feed, others will send the guest to a variety of feed readers that are available. All they need to do is choose the particular chicklets for their favorite feed aggregator and away they go.

In addition to adding your feed to their feed reader you can also offer them a link to their favorite tag site such as Del.iciou.us, Furl It, or Shadows.

It used to be so simple, one little link that you clicked to “Save to Favorites” but now if you are the indecisive type, you could spend all day figuring out which one to choose.

Quickly make chicklets with an Automatic RSS Feed Button Maker.


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