Help on Blogging for Small Businesses

Discovered a new forum on Small Business Ideas that I thought was worth sharing. They are
"…a community of over 3,000 small business folks from around the world who support and encourage each other as we grow our businesses."
A pretty active forum for those that are looking for advice on Small Business Marketing with an SEO forum, PPC area as well as lots of other great information.

My eyes went to the Blogs and Blogging forum that has some active members talking about blogging and small businesses.

If you are a small business and feel a little intimidated by some of the bigger forums that are full of techies, then this might be the site for you, it seems to be made up of small business owners that are trying to find a way to promote themselves online without using too much technical jargon. They are keen to talk about things that they have tried and experimented with and how they are fairing in the world of online marketing.