First Ever Links Post

I am not big on link posts but some interesting reads are here for those looking for reason to use blogs on your website or why comapnies are doing it themselves. Also a couple interesting tidbits.

Russell Savige has a short but interesting piece on why he entered the blogosphere.

Here is another article on the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki from Business Week.

Technorati is trying out a slider, similar to yahoos "shopping/research" slider to help you find authority sites. Does not work great in what I tried it for but it adds a new element to the long tail. The article is here on the Search Engine Journal.

Blizzard Internet, a fairly large SEO/Marketing/Design company that mainly focuses on hospitality, has launched a business blog program for anyone. Eve if your site is hosted elsewhere they can set up[ a blgo attached to your site that close match to your site.

Completely off subject but kind of funny is the Elvis Search Engine. Find anything you ever wanted to know about Elvis right here. Not sure what its good for beyond that but it is kind of funny.


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