Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki

A new (well new in terms of the web) website has popped up called the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki. This is from a couple guys at wired magazine. This wiki is designed to track which Fortune 500 companies now use blogs for their online business. While a business having a blog is not an entirely new idea the idea to keep an eye on a companies blog to track performnce is a fairly new one, at least for the big boys. Companies like General Motors and Boeing using their blogs to generate good PR while also addressing customers concerns and complaints. These blogs, while a manifestation of general popularity of these on line journals, also can create a buzz about the company which in effect is free advertising. The truly suprising thing is how few of the 500 use blogs. While most of the 500 don't need a whole lot of help with SEO or improved rankings on the search engine, they all can benefit from the good PR. With only 19 currently blogging, granted the 19 are the truly big boys, I can only imagine that over the course of the next year more will join those ranks. I would venture a guess that by this time next year that number will be over 100. If its not then the other companies really do not understand the web culture or the need to communicate with the masses in a truly free (mostly) and honest way.

Apparently AT&T plans to acknowledge bloggers in the new year but they don't want to spend any of the $800 million advertising budget on a company blog even though they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. Yeah that makes sense.


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