Stop WordPress Comment Spam

Comments spam for bloggers is like any celebrities political comments during the Academy Awards (insert whatever award show you like here). They take away from the full enjoyment of the show, distract you from the content, annoy you with the inane and stupid comments, and steals all of the power from the event. Comments spam does all of that, most of all stealing the power from your blog. In fact comment spam left unchecked can get your site banned from Google. Software like blogger.com does some things to help like putting "nofollows" on comment links, e-mailing you when you get a comment and the captcha check (captcha is the annoying little picture with letters in it that you have to enter into a box to continue. See picture to the right.) The problem with these is that spammers have moved away from automated spamming to paying people to spam you which means that captcha lets it go sailing on through and then you have to check you email. If you have a big blog checking your mail 3 or 4 times a day can be a royal pain, especially if you get spammed quite a bit. Last I hate nofollows on blogs. They truly break up the conversation that blogs support. I want Google to see that Jim Westergrens has commented on my blog and he has a great site too. It also makes my site more relevant by providing a link to a relevant place.

WordPress of course is not immune to this. That's why today I am doing a review of my absolute favorite comment spam killer called "Spam Karma". This is the best spam program for blogs that I have ever used. The premise is that each comment has a "Karma". This karma is affected by a number of variables such as URL's in the comment, number of comments recently, and if it comes from a black listed IP address to name a few. The beauty of this is that it works really, really, really well. I have had a total of 1 comment spam out of over a thousand get through on WordPress after installing the Spam karma plug-in. The one that got through got moderated very easily and added to the blacklist in seconds. The oriental antique place out of Vietnam won't get a link out of me that easy.

The best part of this spam assasinator is that if your copy blacklists an IP address it is sent to a database, which in turn tells everyone's Spam Karma that the IP address is bad. This means that you not only get the benefit of your own program but everyone else. Its kind of like shared processing, you get the benefit of others computers and experience.

Getting rid of comment spam will help you with SEO on your blog also. Not having it there means less non-relevant links away from blog, more PR kept in your blog, and more time for you to concentrate on making those keywords, descriptions, and posts to help your blog along.

Again, according to Matt Cutts you can use nofollows (or link condoms as they are known in the SEO world) that don't really work. You can try captcha which is annoying and ever so not foolproof. You can get an email with every comments. Or you can install Spam Karma and be done with comment spam (for the most part).

Next WordPress post is on getting rid of those Ugly (myblog.com/?p123=etc) and making them much more search engine friendly. (Trust me it helps). Oh and if you want a question answered please feel free to post a comments and I will get around to answering you as quickly as possible.


Last V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Post for a While

I have started another blog at www.v7ndotcomelursrebmem.blogspot.com/. This one is only to track the contest and is not in the contest. Just as this blog is not. I will keep it updated at least every two days if not more often depending on what changes (no promises on the weekends).

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Oops sorry Alek. Good thing its only Yahoo


V7ndotcom Elursrebmem

Blogs for SEO is proud to be competing in the newest SEO contest from V7. The newest keyword is v7ndotcom elursrebmem. We are competing in the contest not for us but for children with Celiac Disease. If you want to check on us the hospital is fully on board with us. If you want to help us help thousands of children all over the world please link to this site http://www.watching-paint-dry.com/v7ndotcom-elursrebmem/ with the text link displaying as v7ndotcom elursrebmem. This will mean the world to kids all over the world and to us, the webmasters, who are competing to win the money for this terrible diseas. Please feel free to post comments or ask questions about what we are doing or why. I will try to reply as quickly as possible. Do not worry we will be back to posting about using SEO on Blogs here shortly but for today we are concentrating on v7ndotcom elursrebmem and making sure this site hits #1 in the SERPs at google. Any help other webmasters can provide will be greatly appreaciated. Thank you.


Optimize Your WordPress Titles

Okay so you have decided to blog and use it on your website to increase you exposure, traffic, and hopefully conversions. So now you need to optimize your blog, which is easier said than done most of the time. Well we will now start showing you how to optimize you site. This is only the first in a series on how to make your blog search engine friendly. Remember for now we are focusing on WordPress. I will cover other blogging software including Mambo, Joomla, Typepad and even Blogger later.

The title on most WordPress posts is kind of ugly. If this post were in a blog it would show up in the title bar like this;

Blogs for SEO >> Category Name >> Optimize Your WordPress Titles.

or this:

This doesn't do a whole lot. The search engines don't really realize that your title is what this post is about. It thinks that every post is only about Blogs for SEO and its not, well not completely. This post is about WordPress titles, which is what you want to have indexed and show up in the searches. If you are using WordPress 1.5 or later than there is a great option for you.

Optimal Title is a plugin for WordPress that will make the titles show up correctly and without the category name in it (unless of course you are on the category page). Click on the link above and it will take you to the plug in designers page. You do have to be comfortable editing code and using FTP to change your site though so its not for the faint hearted.

There are other tricks but those involve going into the code and also having some PHP ability. I would suggest using optimal title. It seems to be the best bang for your buck so to speak. After you install it it will make yout titles look like this:

Post Title >> Blog Title

or this

WebProNews talks about the same thing here and anry a link to me. What the heck. All they get is a nofollow showing that they could have linked here and given their readers a great resource.


Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki

A new (well new in terms of the web) website has popped up called the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki. This is from a couple guys at wired magazine. This wiki is designed to track which Fortune 500 companies now use blogs for their online business. While a business having a blog is not an entirely new idea the idea to keep an eye on a companies blog to track performnce is a fairly new one, at least for the big boys. Companies like General Motors and Boeing using their blogs to generate good PR while also addressing customers concerns and complaints. These blogs, while a manifestation of general popularity of these on line journals, also can create a buzz about the company which in effect is free advertising. The truly suprising thing is how few of the 500 use blogs. While most of the 500 don't need a whole lot of help with SEO or improved rankings on the search engine, they all can benefit from the good PR. With only 19 currently blogging, granted the 19 are the truly big boys, I can only imagine that over the course of the next year more will join those ranks. I would venture a guess that by this time next year that number will be over 100. If its not then the other companies really do not understand the web culture or the need to communicate with the masses in a truly free (mostly) and honest way.

Apparently AT&T plans to acknowledge bloggers in the new year but they don't want to spend any of the $800 million advertising budget on a company blog even though they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. Yeah that makes sense.


Optimizing Word Press Blogs

I have been meaning to write a post on how to optimize a sight for wordpress for a while. It seemed like one of those projects I would get around to when I had a moment. Which turns out to almost never. Thankfully I stumbled across Jim Westergren's Blog. While his entire site is not dedicated to SEO for blogs he has a great post on SEO for Wordpress blogs. While I agree with most of what he says. I only differ from him in one aspect. He says:

Took away unnessary links and put rel=nofollow on some.
You don’t need for example two links back to Wordpress - if you don’t want of course. Also the RSS links I put rel=nofollow on. The less external links you have the better, it means your other blog pages get’s a bigger share of the PageRank

I completely agree with putting nofollows on certain things like rss feeds, trackback links, and the like. I believe that a blog is an extention of a conversation beyond your one site. It is what the web should be. Not static but dynamic with people sharing links. To limit the googlebot to only exploring your site is limiting that conversation. While this makes some sense when linking to a "bad" neighborhood, I don't like doing it in practice. I even think limiting the comments to nofollows is really just an easy fix. On my wordpress blogs I use Spam Karma. I never get spammy comments. There are tools out there for almost every blogging software that will help with comment spam. Limiting the links to nofollows is the easy way for any SEO. Course that just my soapbox talk for the day.