Why use blogs Part 2

The Chain of Blogs

Blogs are a powerful tool. They are powerful for the average person who wants to create a website but does not have any HTML experience. They can give the average person a place to speak out in a world dominated by large news companies. They can be a social gathering place for people to talk about things that are important to them. Most importantly though they an extend a conversation from a one blog to many blogs spread throughout the world.


The real power behind a blog is trackbacks. We have talked about them in the past with our Trackback Tips post and our Trackbacks Explained post. We really have not gone into why to use a trackback though and what they do for your blog.

Extended converstations that can occur on blogs are started mainly by trackbacks. A trackback is a way for a blogger to talk about someone elses post on their own blog. The blogger then can easily and quickly post a comment to the first blog with a link to their own site. This means that the blogger, simply by talking about the same topic and linking to the original post, can gain a link back to their blog. As we all know a quality link is worth its weight in gold.

Of course though spammers know this too. Whenever you do a trackback you need to talk about the same topic and make an addition to the conversation. Bloggers hate to see trackbacks done for no other purpose than a link. If you anger a blogger there is a good chance that you will bring the wrath of the entire blogging community down on you.


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