Using a Blog for Marketing

Garrett French has a great article Adding a Blog to you Article Marketing Strategy. While he talks about mainly using a blog to link to an article on a website he has some great tips for general use.

Personally I think that one of his best points is;

Discuss responses to your article, whether good or bad in blog posts. Show the impact your articles have had on your readers. Show, more importantly, that you're engaged with them.

Many large sites have done this with great response. Many of the auto dealers have done this and it works. Basically you need to make an attempt to engage everyone sho posts a comment on your blog. Bad comments can be even more beneficial than good ones because you can quickly address the problem. If done correctly you cna make a person who is upset much happier. Automatically deleting bad comments and leaving only the good makes your business to good to be true. Of course though abusive comments need to be deleted so that it does not taint the experience of your users.


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