How a blog can help

Elleyne VanBryce has great article about how blogs and RSS feeds can help you websites page rank. While page rank is not the end all of SEO, it is one aspect. More important than page rank though is your location in the SERPs. Most of the reasons she states can also help you in the SERPs as long as the link text you have is optimized for the keywords you want. One of the key Issues the Elleyne brings up is;
"A few months into search engine optimization and you’ll get to realize the value of having your link appear in as many places as possible in the World Wide Web."

If you use trackbacks you can start to get links all over the web. (See our articles on "Best Practices for Trackbacks", "Understanding Trackbacks" and of course "Trackback Explained" With the addidtion of an RSS that gets picked up and displayed on a website you can start getting a lot of tlinks fairly quickly. Of course you must be doing things the right way or you will not get the benefit of a blog.

Another point that she makes that is a bit misleading is;
"Blogs are free. Whether you decide to use a web account, like the aforementioned www.blogger.com , or a movable type program which you could upload on your own server under your own domain name, like www.wordpress.com , blogs won’t require any financial burden."

While some blogs are free, if you want a blog that is designed properly you will have to pay for it unless you know how to use HTML andpossibly PHP. There are many different layouts that you can choose from but to make it your individual blog you have to really go in and change the code.

Another problem is hosting. While blogger is free, you gt what you pay for. There is not much in the way choices. The same goes for Movable Type or Wordpress. To get a blog that is truly your own you will need to have it hosted elsewhere. There are companies out there that will design your blog and host it. One that I am most familiar with is Blizzard Internet Marketing which sells all inclusive packages for new blogs.


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