To get in the spirit of the holiday season, check these out:

A Google Christmas Carol

An original poem by Kalena Jordan celebrates some of the “gifts” Google has given to webmasters and internet users in 2005. She even provides a link to music to accompany you. Google Christmas Carol

Decorated Adwords

Do a Google search for candy canes, hanukkah, christmas lights, kwanzaa, christmas or santa and see sponsored ads that have been customized by Google to spice up the page. I’d bet there are some others out there. as well. Can you find them?

Google Holiday Logos

Those who use Google regularly are often gifted with special Google logos. Go to this link to see the official holiday logos that have been used in the past: Holiday logos

Be certain to keep an eye out through the holidays for new surprises.

More Fun with Google Logos

Here are some logos that fans have suggested to Google: Custom Logos

And here is an entire website devoted to Google logos of all types. The unofficial logos are guaranteed to bring a chuckle. LoGoogle

Images in Adsense

John Battelle over at Battellmedia has great post about the images that are showing up in adesense. It could be a trend but for now its very much in the Holiday spirit.

It looks like Google is doing a progressive Christmas logo. I can't recall ever seeing them do a storyline doodle before. If you have missed the last few days go over to the story doodle to see the last 3 days of the logo.


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