E-Marketing Top 10 New Years Resolutions

The e-marketing newsletter HotelMarketing.com had an article last year on a Hotelier’s 2005 top ten Internet strategy resolutions. They all still hold true for this year and don’t just necessarily apply to the hospitality industry. Here they are in no particular order with some editing.

1. I will make this year the “Year of Building Interactive relationships” with my customers. I want to own my customers, give them a site that they will come back to again and again.
2. I will make Brand Building on the web a focus of my marketing efforts.
3. I will make Direct-to Consumer Online Distribution the centerpiece of my Internet Strategy. For both hospitality and online stores this means best Internet rate guarantee, website optimization, pay-per-click marketing and among others link creation.
4. I will adopt an ongoing Website Optimization Strategy and turn it into top priority.
5. I will deploy a robust Internet Marketing strategy and turn marketing of my optimized site into a top priority.
6. I will perform a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Strategy because search engines are an essential component of the online marketing strategy.
7. I will carry out a comprehensive Product Web Strategy to leverage the popularity of my product by making my site the most knowledgeable on the web.
8. I will use competitive intelligence to continually evaluate how my comp is set using the Internet and Direct vs. Indirect Online Channels.
9. I will launch a blog on my site that will allow me to keep my information up to date and relevant to the current news for my industry.
10. To achieve the all of the above I will create a relationship with an experienced Internet distribution and marketing consultant to help me achieve these goals.


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