Why use Blogs part 1 1/2

In the interim between the last post on why use blogs and the now I came across the How blogging can help your business on speroforum.com by Hendry Lee. He covers a lot of good ground here and explains, in lesser detail, the same thing we talk about here. One of the more important things he said was;

One of the best things about using a blog with your business is that it can be used in a variety of applications. Started as a simple personal journaling web application, a blog can quickly mature and evolve into a business and marketing tool that some of us can't live without.

This of course may seem a little strange. Many would ask what other applications could a website have other than being a website. The real important thing remember here is that a blog is much mroe than a webpage. While there are other systems out there that can create dynamic content, none of them can do it in the easy way a blog can.

Internal blogs can help with company communications by keeping everyone on the same page. By using the categories (and tags but more on that later) you can organize data into searchable and well laid out topics. I have seen blogs used for time management also. By using the categories you can organize projects. Even keep yourself up to date with meeting minutes and your thoughts by inputing your notes into a post.

For a technology that is really in its infancy blogs have matured into a necessity that almost everyone can use, become reliant upon, and use to boost a companies competitive edge.


At 12:34 AM, Blogger Hendry said...

Thanks for your comment.

That was the first article for Speroforum. I am having a weekly blogging column with them. Of course, in future post, I'll be writing more about that.

A blog is a website. I'd like to see the other features as bonuses, which add more visibility to the blogger. YMMV.

Btw, you've got the link incorrectly formatted.


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