Why use a blog? Part 1

A few people out there may ask why use a blog to help optimize my site? What does it do that other websites can't do? In this series I will talk about what is inherent in blogs that is lacking in websites that makes them a perfect tool for promoting your website. The first topic we will cover is website size.

Size Matters
The size of a website is taken into account by at least google. This does not mean a site with a many pages that has limited content on them is any good either. A site should have lots of pages with good content on each page. A blog is perfect for this.

Each Post a new Page
Each time you make a post a new page is created that can be found a number of ways by a search engine. So each post you make makes the blog one page bigger. If you post on a normal basis, hopefully at least once a day, your blog will make your website at least 365 pages bigger by the end of a year. Talk about easy content building.

Everythings a New Page
Every category and archive page you have also creates a new page for your website. Not only does it create a new page for your website but it creates another way for the search engines to find each of your post pages. If you are using pictures correctly, every picture you add takes the search engine to a page with that picture plus its underlying ALT tag.

As you can see the inherent structure of a blog can make your life much easier when it comes to promoting your website and making it show up high in the SERP's. Next time, The Chain of Blogs.


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