Trackbacks Explained

Trackbacks can be one of the most misunderstood aspects of blogging. While they are the true power behind a blog they are often misused or not used. Two guys, T. L. Pakii Pierce and Jim Edwards discuss what trackbacks are and how to use them on their blogs.

Mr. Pierce said "Trackbacks are definitely a powerful content promotion and distribution strategy. When used properly, Trackbacks can get you noticed and get you traffic." (Read his whole post here) This is something that I have understood but is difficult to get others to understand. Think about it this way, trackback=backlinks=more attention from google. Which goews into what Mr. Edwards said "The breakthrough I experienced has to do with "back links"... a way for you to automatically get other people linking back to your blog (and I'm talking about high traffic blogs that can bring you targeted clicks for free)." (read his whole post here)

Their videos are great and very informative. The series of three last about 30 minutes total, definetly worth checking them out. The links straight to the videos are here (video 1, video 2, video 3)


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