Best Practices - Tips for Posting to Blog

This is specifically for a WordPress site- it is for a business owner that was starting a blog on their site, using WordPress.

You can say or show the world anything you like on your WordPress site. Here are some tips you need to know to help you write your posts in WordPress.

Use Paragraphs

No one likes to read writing that never pauses for a line break. To break your writing up into paragraphs, use double spaces between your paragraphs. WordPress will automatically detect these and insert

HTML paragraph tags into your writing.

Using Headings

If you are writing long posts, break up the sections by using headings, small titles to highlight a change of subject. In HTML, headings are set by the use of h1, h2, h3, h4, and so on. Example:


You don't have to use HTML when writing your posts. WordPress will automatically add it to your site, but if you do want control over different elements like boxes, headings, and other additional containers or elements, use HTML.

Spell Check and Proof

Some serious writers will write their posts in a text editor with spell check, check all the spelling and proof it thoroughly before copying and pasting into WordPress.

Use Keywords
Without being too contrived use keywords in your posts. Keywords help others find your Blog. Use words such as names of places, mountains, resorts, activities, well known restaurants, towns etc.

Be Chatty
Try to make your posts chatty, as if you are talking to a friend. Use your own experiences to talk about places you have been and know. Give insider tips such as the best places to go for nightlife, best runs, off the beaten path restaurants and how to avoid the crowds. Be creative!

Think Before You Post
Ranting on Blogs is commonplace today, but take a moment and think about what you are writing. Remember, once it is out there, it can be seen by many and crawled by search engines and taking things back is harder once it is public. Take a moment to read what you've written before hitting the Publish button. When you are ready, share it with the world.

Don’t be afraid to use links. You can link to pages in your own site, ski sites, competition sites just about anywhere. We want your Blog to become the place people go to find out information on ski resorts and by giving people lots of links you are offering them great information. They will come back for more.

Every Post - add a Link!
On every post try to link to one of your interior pages and or another website or Blog. And/or include a trackback.

Using Images on your Blog
Make sure the images are of good quality - and pertain to the post. It is good to add images, but don’t overuse them. The best image size has a max. of 72 dpi. This is a standard resolution for the web as it gives a quick download time while maintaining the quality of the image.

To take an image from your website go to your website, right click on the image and select ‘view properties’ this will give you information about the URL. Copy and paste the URL into your post editing area using the image tags.

Always write a good but brief description of the image.


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