Best Practices Trackback Tips

I am going to call my series of posts "Best Practices" and will start with some basic stuff.

I will start with an easy technique. The curious thing about my starting post is it doesn't actually work with Blogger/blogspot. That is Trackbacks.

"Trackbacks" are when you link to other blogs and they automatically link back. Blogger doesn't actually support this, but, many other blogs do. Here is an example.

At my Glenwood Springs Blog, I was writing a quick post about the Glenwood Canyon Brewpub. I did a search for "Glenwood brewpub trackback'' and found some people's blogs who
a) had an interesting article about the Glenwood Brewpub
b) advertised a "trackback" link

I incorporated those blogs into my own post, and linked to them. I put their "Trackback URL" into the "trackback" field and published.

Now, their blog links to mine as a related blog. This is a good way to help search engines find your website. Using trackbacks when they make sense is a best Practice!

Please note, this is not a spam technique -- if it is used properly. The brewpub is really a favortie of mine... so much, my wife says "not the brewpub again!" But, by using trackbacks, your posts become more relevant to google.


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