Well now I feel important!

I have to say that three days into blogging I did not expect to have Arron Wall of Seobook show up on my blog and post a comment. Well I assume it was Aaron becasue of what he said about my post on his new Myriad Search even though it was listed as anonymous.

">However, one must assume that the top results in each search engine are authority sites for that search term. I'm not convinced this is necessarily true.

That is the whole point of combining them and allowing searchers to adjust the weight of each engine...it lets you redefine the authority weightings offered from the regular search services. It is by no means perfect, but it is just another way to find information. I am also debating adding Alexa weighting and / or a few other things to the display.

thanks for the mention :)"

First I hope Aaron does not take offense to anything I said. I like the new Myriad search and any refinements will make it better of course. I think that it is another good tool to add to any SEO tool bag. I agree with his assertion that about the top placed listings not necessarily being authority sites.

Oh and no problem for the mention.


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