SEO Basics...Part 2

White VS. Black

I mentioned in this post that there are different ways to get up to the top of the listings. Basically these are separated out into two categories, white hat and black hat. Before going to far into it though it is important to note that the tactics of both or good strategies to get you to the top of the listings. Black does not necessarily mean that the strategies are bad. It just means that the way a black hat tactic is performed is frowned on by those in the SEO community who value doing things the right way, not to mention Google. So with that said on to examples of white and black.

White Hat

White hat tactics are ones in which you do not hurt others or trick a search engine to achieve your goal of getting to the top of the SERPs. The foundation of this is good site optimization and using natural link building (we'll come back to both of these in more detail later). Basically what Google want to see is a site that builds it reputation and links over time in a natural progression. Buying links can be one part of this but it must be done wisely and over time.

Black Hat

The way to think of this is to think of Wyatt Earp. He did his job, got his goals accomplished, but did it in a way that was questionable and frowned upon by some. That is black hat. Spam is a great example of this. Most people think of spam as the email you get in your box about little blue pills. While this is true there are other types of spam. One example of this is buying links from link farms that have pages solely to have hundreds of links on them without a rhyme or reason to what links are on the page. This tactic is not an honest way to get up the SERPs and will hurt you (usually) in the end.

What this all means

Basically what this all means is that you need to be careful when promoting you site. If you are not sure how get some help from experts who really know how to do it right. Research who you use. The company I work for has had to work hard to fix what other SEO's have broken, in some cases this means completely creating new sites with new URL's. I won't mention the company by name but Arron has. This company uses techniques that in the long wrong can get you banned from Google.


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