SEO Basics


I have noticed a trend in SEO to speak our own language and not make it understandable by anyone outside of our industry. So I will start a short series on the basics of SEO and then move on to the much more complicated thing. I will try not sound pedantic and most bloggers in the SEO community may look at me witha little bit of contempt, but for the general masses out there I think this will be helpful.


First SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Optimizer. Google some great links to what others define SEO as here. My basic definition is designing or making changes to a website with the goal of increasing your placement in the SERPs.


SERPs stand for Search Engine Response Pages. This is the links that are returned when you do a search for a term or word in one of the Search Engines, like Google. So the goal of optimization is to get your webpage to the top of the SERPs. There are a number of ways to do this but to do it right and get to the top in Google takes some hard work. Typically Google only likes White Hat techniques, and will punish Black Hats with removal from their SERPs.

Tomorrow: What is White and Black hats anyway?


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