Linking away on a blog

One of the main ideas when using a blog to raise you "rank" in search engines is to link away from the blog to other sites, even competitors. Now you may ask yourself, "If I want to keep people on my site, why would I make it easier for them to leave." Well the answer is a bit complex but lets just remember that leaving the site is a back button away for almost any user. So providing a link is not going to chase them away, even if it is to a competitors page. The link shows a couple things to users and search engines.

First the link shows the user that you have done your own research and you are inviting them to look at that research. This will allow a customer to trust you a bit more than they already did. This brings me to my second point, this "trust" is also used by Google. If you link to another site or blog that is talking about the same thing you are Google sees your site as an authority on what you are talking about. This makes Google trust you more and raises you up on the free SERP's.

So remember, linking away from your static web pages to a competitor is not always a great idea, but if you are blogging it is a great way to get a higher page rank, which should help your main page if you set up the blog right.


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