Blog for Press Releases

In this time of not enough time, we all want to get our information out there as quickly as possible. Some of us have known that the major search engines were using blogs from press releases but not many other businesses are doing this. Loren Baker has some interesting points on her recent post. The main idea to take from this is that using a blog for press releases is a very powerful way to get your news out there. It is very easy to write the press release on the blog and then email whoever you want with the link. Not only will this get you news out but a few of online publishers may link to your blog.

I think it is important to note though that if your not a big company you should use the blog for more than press releases or you will never get anyone to read your thoughts. Strike a balance between having a conversation with people and telling people something. Most people come to blogs to take part in a conversation so limit the press releases, unless that is the only point of your blog.


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