We figured that everyone would want to see what Cologuy and Greenguy look like and what there special skills are so we have posted our official playing cards below.

As you can see we are a formidable team with only one goal. World SEO domination. (Can you tell it has been a long day filled with a frenzy of end of year activity?)


Business Blogging

There is no substitute for good content when it comes to blogging, so says Lee Odden is President of TopRank Online Marketing. In a recent post “Optimization for Business Blogs' he lists 14 key points to think about to help bring your business blog up in the ranks where it is currently competing for eyeballs with more than an estimated 27 million new blogs a day.

His key points include:
  • The importance of Keywords
  • Optimizing your Template
  • Using the blog post title as the permalink
  • Adding RSS and Feed buttons
  • Optimizing your Categories
  • Adding the option of Social Bookmarking
  • Ping, Trackbacks and Comments
  • Submitting your blog to directories
  • Link Building
  • RSS to Email
  • Blog analytics
  • Offsite Tracking
This is just a quick overview of his points; to really understand what and why these are the key points read his post Optimization for Business Blogs.


RSS Feed Buttons

To make it easy for your blog readers to subscribe to your RSS feed you can add ‘chicklets’ to your site. Chicklets are the icons that you see on a blog that when clicked will take a reader to your feed.

While some just open up your own feed, others will send the guest to a variety of feed readers that are available. All they need to do is choose the particular chicklets for their favorite feed aggregator and away they go.

In addition to adding your feed to their feed reader you can also offer them a link to their favorite tag site such as Del.iciou.us, Furl It, or Shadows.

It used to be so simple, one little link that you clicked to “Save to Favorites” but now if you are the indecisive type, you could spend all day figuring out which one to choose.

Quickly make chicklets with an Automatic RSS Feed Button Maker.


Feed Error on WordPress, Page Not Found

Recently, while setting up a new WordPress blog we downloaded a template that had the following code:

While some of the templates seem to have fixed this problem, we still run across the odd template that has this in the code. When using this particular piece of code we have found that it results in a page error which says basically “Page not found”. With a little research I found out that in fact “feed” unlike “mailto”, “news”, “ http” etc is not a recognized protocol. In order to get the feed to work correctly - simply remove the ‘feed” part of the code.

Your feed is an important part of your site optimization. A recent white paper from Yahoo on RSS feeds talks about the growth of RSS feeds in the online community. On average “Aware RSS Users” subscribe to 6.6 feeds while more advanced users are likely to subscribe to even more. Another fact, from the report says that “Aware RSS Users” claim to spend an average of 4.1 hours a week reading the feeds they receive. If they cannot read your blog from a feed then they will probably not bother.

We recently found that the feed page can also get a page rank, not sure what that means for our overall site optimization, but the Blizzard Internet Newsletter newsletter XML feed page now has a page rank of 4, we believe it to be a good thing.

In order to make sure that the feed works, test it at Feed Validator.

Read the Yahoo White Paper (pdf) on a recent report on the use of RSS.

UPDATE: Here is a copy of the complete line of code so that you can see what Rob is referencing.


Analysing Your Keywords for Blogging

A good way to keep bringing back traffic to your blog is to analyse your keywords that are being searched. What it is that brings people there in the first place? By adding a simple free tracking tool to your site such as Statcounter, Extreme Tracker or OneStat you can see what words people are using to find your blog and start writing more articles along those lines. Your blog becomes a hybrid of what it is that people are looking for and you can cater to those keywords.

If you want to pay for a tool there are all kinds of options and maybe once you start to make some real cash from your site you will want to go that route, but in the meantime a simple free tool would work.


Help on Blogging for Small Businesses

Discovered a new forum on Small Business Ideas that I thought was worth sharing. They are
"…a community of over 3,000 small business folks from around the world who support and encourage each other as we grow our businesses."
A pretty active forum for those that are looking for advice on Small Business Marketing with an SEO forum, PPC area as well as lots of other great information.

My eyes went to the Blogs and Blogging forum that has some active members talking about blogging and small businesses.

If you are a small business and feel a little intimidated by some of the bigger forums that are full of techies, then this might be the site for you, it seems to be made up of small business owners that are trying to find a way to promote themselves online without using too much technical jargon. They are keen to talk about things that they have tried and experimented with and how they are fairing in the world of online marketing.


Google Domination

Bob Woodruff from ABC recently visited the Google plex and interviewed Larry and Sergey. This is an interesting look into Googles plan for World Domination. This is actually very similar to the place I work for except we aren't millionaires and we don't get free snacks. Take a look at what they say about the world and what their moto means to the founders. I am skeptical that they actually believe it but its worth a view.